Tenne Austria Head quarter

Tenne is leading provider of bathroom design and tiles in South-East Austria. Our company sets new benchmarks and standards in sanitary facilities. For our customers we only provide the best products. Tenne sells well designed and high quality products at fair prices. The most important thing for us is a comprehensive customer service. For this reason our employees are always on your disposal, if you need professional advice in case of bathroom topics. You can find our Tenne Showrooms in Graz, Bruck/Mur, Leibnitz, Vienna and Vösendorf.

Tenne China headquarters

TENNE set four produce base up in China from 2014 , in order to offer higher quality, higher cost performance produc ts.unique design which compromises the merits of Chinese and Western styles to world wide co ns umers. TENNE China is a group of designers, produce, industrial engineers and artisans who bring innovation and creative disruption to the time-honored traditions of the craftsmen of old. Inspired by their tenacity, precision and ingenuity.TENNE Designs products and processes that serve the same passions and practicality for the modern world.

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Showroom in Miami/USA


Showroom in Miami/USA


Showroom in Germany


Showroom in Germany

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