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Quality is the key in TENNE. 9 times quality control Before  shipped out for all products. A Inspection report is also  provided to customer before loading.we are convinced that  true excellence is only achieved when passion and tradition  combine with research and technology. Drawing on its  invaluable experience and know-how, TENNE is constantly  at work on the development of superior quality bathroom  furniture products. Pursuing the constant improvement of  quality standards throughout production means working with  a vast range of even very different materials, getting the most  from their characteristics, selecting the best finishes and  using only high quality components.

TENNE is a point of reference as a contract supplier for custom made bathroom furniture solutions in residential and commercial dwellings.
With its specific organisational structure and bathroom furnishing expertise, TENNE is a major contract supplier of customised bathroom furniture solutions for residential and commercial units. The wide range of quality products and a style that successfully combines looks with practicality make TENNE Contract the right answer for important projects where reliable, precise service is a fundamental, essential precondition.

The collections’ high degree of modularity and the many customization options regarding materials, finishes and colors allow the development of a bathroom idea completely made to measure for the customer, in terms of both size and shape. This tailored approach to the bathroom furnishing project enables TENNE to guarantee a product designed and built around the customer’s needs, with obsessive perfectionism.

TENNE team forcus a the best balance between the quality, design and prices. We are aiming to make the nice products with good function and affordable for most white collars. Approximately 400+ committed and experienced staff. Make sure quality stability, details be cared very well. Promised delivery time.

Established with a team with more than 12 years average experience. Familiar with markets standard, customer requirements. R&D team with 8 experience designers, average work more than 10 years in products design, you can rely on the team.

Established with ateam with more than 12 years average experience. Familiar with markets standard, customer requirements. Satisfying the customer’s needs and tastes is fundamental, and so TENNE is able to fulfil all your requestes by manufacturing bathroom furniture with customised design.




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TENNE, bathroom design, choice of well­ bing and customizing is our goal.
The bathroom 1st primary environment in the house, a place which is essential for well-being and a good quality of life. According to Tenne bathroom design, the bathroom is a space dedicated to the care of the body and the self, it must be equipped with all the amenities to be comfortable and functional.


The traditional nature of the workmanship combined with industrial production control has allowed TENNE to respond to all requests for personalisation Experience and sk clients to develop and bring to life custom made Projects.

The transformation of aesthetic and design solutions into reality, to assess and test the first tangible phase of development with respect to the quality typical of TENNE, followed by a team of qualified professionals.

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A planning service advises and monitors all needs, bringing our clients’ideas to life. Continuous dialogue with our clients ensures the right planning solutions are always found.

The entire production cycle for TENNE bathroom furniture solutions is based on Italy under the expert guidance of qualified workers. All materials used for TENNE bathroom furnitue are sourced from carefully selected suppilers to ensure the quality of production and high-level reliability.



Selecting TENNE as a partner means being able to rely on a personalised and fast service. Each piece of information finds its place and each step in the work process is perfectly executed, tested and checked.

Rigorous quality control is not limited to monitoring the production process in each of it phases, but rather is manifested in the commitment to carefully monitor the client with professionalism and timely deliveries, through well-organised logistics to guarantee the best possible service


The rules of TENNE bathroom design dictate that in addition to being practical, a bathroom should also be beautiful: the choice of the style of furniture therefore becomes a very personal matter, which depends on taste and space requirements. An TENNE bathroom in fact, is not composed only of fixtures, but also of surfaces, fittings and furnishings… bathroom furniture. The furniture itself is not just containers, but is designed to lend style and personality to an environment that is not only a place of service but a place to relax and take care of yourself. Choosing the furniture in the bathroom therefore becomes crucial for creating an environment in line with your own personal taste.