Company Activities

In 2023 KBC TENNE came to a perfect close.

For fifty years, TENNE has gone through ups and downs, while remaining focused on the high-end sanitary industry. With continuous exploration and a drive for innovation, the company never wavers in its pursuit of creating a better lifestyle. From June 7th to June 10th, the four-day 2023 KBC TENNE came to a perfect close. Let’s review some of the unique highlights of the exhibition.
Since its establishment, TENNE has always adhered to the concept of original design, innovation in endurance, and courage to challenge the peaks of design, materials, and craftsmanship, committed to providing high-end quality bathroom living experiences for global customers. This year, TENNE has upgraded its store image and brand positioning to 4.0, conveying its strong innovative power, and showcasing the diverse charm of bathroom home furnishings in a new form.