The complete bathroom uncomplicated from a single source


The complete bathroom uncomplicated from a single source

The bathroom has long since evolved from a simple functional wet room to one of the most important Housing developed.  However, when setting up a new bathroom, there are important decisions that need to be made.  In addition, the planned must also be such as can be implemented as desired.  This is where we come into play because in addition to an extensive assortment and We are also happy to provide detailed advice and planning to our partners for the implementation of the project.


Our experienced partners

You do not have a professional at your disposal who can build your new barn dream bath?  Of course, we won’t leave you hanging.  After you have all have received true-to-scale installation plans and dimensional sketches from your bathroom designer, we will be happy to refer you to our long-standing and experienced partners if required.  We accompany you through the entire process of Bathroom construction (“everything from a single source”) and thus guarantee uncomplicated processing and maximum satisfaction.


Fix consultation appointment

Fix a free consultation appointment with one of our bathroom experts today.We will help you easily to the individual bathroom and support you, if desired, up to the ready-made Installation and beyond.  Should you later need spare parts or a customer service, we will of course be happy to organize them for you.