TY04110 Cloudly Grey+Glossy White Wall-mount Cabinet with Gel Coat basin (1000)


  • Frameless LED Mirror
  • Soft-closing & Quiet Slider
  • E1 level Raw material
  • Water-proof
  • 90 kg Loading capacity
  • Unique Bio-color design Handle

Specific & Installation Guides:

1. Model Drawing PDF
2. Installation Manual PDF
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Basin Shape


TY04110 model design for small and medium bathroom, minimalist and modern style easily integrate in any bathroom styles. Cloudly Grey+Glossy White finished is easy to clean on top of being very trendy while chromed handles enhance the whole look. Frame-less LED lighting mirror, more than just giving the impression that the room is bigger, will also be very useful. The glossy white resin top, which is also very durable and stylish thanks to a wide integrated bathroom sink. With this wall-mount bathroom MDF cabinet, allow yourself to get organized storage area, so that you have one concealed handle big storage drawer and open shelves design. Choose a single-hole faucet from our wide selection and be amazed by the result you’ll get!

TY041 series bathroom vanity with wider custom design have high reputation on Europe and North America Markets, also popular for overseas hotel and vella projects design. Suitable for unique size bathroom and limited space. Custom with two raw materials, four sizes options, melamine waterproof surface finished, three basin materials selections, total over 24 different designs. 

Materials selections: Plywood / MDF

Size range from: 600 – 1200 mm

Basin: Resin / Corian / Nano-diamond coating resin

Shape of Basin: Rectangular

Basin Design: Double / Single / Center

Waterproof Finished: Melamine

Cabinet Material: Plywood / MDF
Basin Material: Resin
Surface Finished: Melamine + Painting
Cabinet Size: 988*474*460 mm
Basin Size: 1000*480*155 mm
Mirror Size: 980*35*600 mm
Side Cabinet Size: 300*250*1200 mm
Cabinet Color: Cloudly Grey+Glossy White
Basin Color: Glossy White
Mirror: Frame-less LED lighting
Mount type: Wall-mount
Drawer open: Concealed handle
Slider: Soft-closing & quiet Slider
Assembly: Finished
Warranty: 3 years main+3 years parts