TWP0156-01 Basin Faucet Pure Brass In Chrome Color Single-Level Handle


  • 59 A-level Brass
  • Lead-free
  • Sedal Brand Cartridge
  • Neoperl Brand Aerator
  • 304# PEX Water Lines

Specific & Installation Guides:

1. Model Drawing PDF
2. Installation Manual PDF
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TWP0156-01 model single level handle basin faucet in 59-A level lead-free pure brass raw material. Wider custom design in electron-planting technology, provide 5 colors selections, with at least 12 um flawless surface planting finished. Color layers with extra surface planting such as chrome. The main parts of faucet using Sedal ceramic cartridge with Neoperl aerator. Supply lines are in EDPM press-assembled, PVC inner core tubing. Permanently attached stainless steel couplings and brass stems provide secure connections. The minimalist and modern design, easily integrate in any bathroom styles. So that, Tenne faucets have been exported overseas to many countries for example, Europe, North America and Middle East.

Tenne basin faucet featuring spot-free all finishes require less cleaning and shine longer by resisting water spots,fading,and fingerprints. Faucet bodies are made of the purest possible pure Brass,is resistant to soft-water corrosion and hard-water calcification making it the perfect metal for a faucet body.our safety standards also reflect in the packaging of our products, which not only provides safety and protection during transportation but also imparts visual appeal to our range of products.

Enhance your bathroom’s decor with this chrome finish single level faucet! Its straight lines and minimalist look will for sure add a modern touch to your bathroom’s look. It comes with a matching push pop-up drain and its lever, which is placed on top, will allow you to control the water flow and temperature with one hand only: useful, isn’t it? Enjoy it for a long time thanks to its ceramic cartridge making it very durable!

Raw Material: 59-A Level Solid Brass
Surface Finished: Electron Planting
Cartridge: Sedal Brand Ceramic
Aerator: Neoperl Brand
Supply Lines: EDPM press-assembled

Material: 59 A-level Brass
Faucet Size: 70*186*183 mm
Cartridge: Sedal Brand (Spain)
Aerator: Neoprel Brand (Swiss)
Water Lines: 304# PEX Water Lines
Layers: 7-12 um Nickle + 2-5 um Chrome
Hole Type: Single hole
Mount Location: Desk mount
Warranty: 3 years main