WB-2F Walk-in Shower Doors


  • Aluminum material
  • Zinc-alloy handle
  • Customer design
  • 3 years warranty
  • Frame extension 5 mm each side
Glass Thickness


Glass Style

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Frame Color


Long Range

Height Range


Walk-in Showers:

The Walk In Shower is a thing of breathtaking beauty, devoid of hinged doors, it is created by a simple but effective arrangement of standing panels to create a splashproof haven of light, air and water in which to relax. No more quick, uncomfortable showers in a small, box-like compartment. Walk in showers are easier to access, easier to clean and a lot easier on the eye. A staple feature of contemporary bathrooms.

Made from solid tempered glass, flexible installation options,glass choice for 6mm.

304-series Stainless Steel hardware resists corrosion and tarnish. Easy install and reversible design. Type can be framed or hinged. Elegant design shower is the most.

Most advanced and innovative pin axis, enable the dream shower smooth and amazing.

Shape: Rectangular
Material: Tempered glass
Colour: Chrome
Long Range: 900 – 1500 mm
Shower base: Shower base sold separately
Glass thickness: 6 – 8 mm
Door opening type: Open
Type of mechanism: No
Shower walls: Sold separately
Frame Color: Chrome/Matte black
Frame finish: Stainless finish
Glass finish: Sand blasted/Frosted/Grey/Easy clean glass
Warranty: 3 years