TJG53318-45A Freestanding Corian Bathtub in Black & White-Triangle Shape

  • Soft-touch surface
  • Impact resistant
  • Non-porous
  • Easy cleaing

Size (mm)


TJG53318-45A model freestanding solid surface bathtub in BALCK and WHITE color are multiple using for most of bathroom. Its oval shape with sloped sides and high backrest provide optimal comfort. Wider custom design in different bathtub shape designs. Touch-smooth sense surface oval shape finished with easy-cleaning functions. Damage and scratch can be repaired by sanding and polishing, versatility and easy maintenance and suitable for long time using. This model have already widely use in many Five-star Hotels and Projects, high reputations crossing Europe, North America and Middle East Countries.

Nowadays Solid Surface material has been accepted by many resident customer. As with any interior scheme, your designs for the bathroom represent an opportunity to realist your unique style. Tenne includes an integrated solid surface freestanding bathtub at its centre, leaving ample counter space on each side to store certain accessories on hand or to use as a workspace for makeup, shaving and more – just add your favorite mixer from our selection to complete the set.

Tenne also offers the inspirational variety, longevity, and elegance to embody your design ideas. Solid Surface bathtub are a valuable addition to bathroom design, capable of meeting the demands of your imagination. Matt white color easily integrate whatever your vision for a bathroom project, basins, integrated vanities and other features. All Tenne bathroom bathtubs are simple to clean and can last as long as the life of the bathroom and beyond. Furthermore, the nonporous solid surface means that with proper cleaning, will not harbor the growth of mold or mildew.In addition to creating your own original sink designs and integrated vanity units.

Bathtub Material: Corian
Shape: Triangle
Surface Finished: Matt
Bathtub Size: 1400*1800*585
Color: Black & White
Drain Location: Center
Drain: Push-up
Water Capacity: 300 L
Overflow: Included
NW: 118 kg
Warranty: 5 years main+2 years parts