Who We Are

TENNE is a high-end sanitary brand from Austria, which was found in 1947 in Graz by Mr. Birner. Based on our extensive experience, Product Quality & Customer Service is the number one priority when it comes to doing business today. As an experienced manufacturer sanitary group company, Tenne focuses on the modern minimalist design bathroom vanity, solid surface stone bathtub & sinks, LED mirror, bathroom fitting & accessories, shower enclosure. Product Quality & Customer Service is the number one priority when it comes to doing business today. We place much significance on quality and the human experience first, each one of our products goes through strict rigorous testing to ensure our customers enjoy the highest quality products for a long time. Our pioneering designs are tailored with specific emphasis on Quality, Style, and Functionality at an Affordable price because Luxury should be Made Simple.

Design Team


Mr.Matthias Birkner

Austria Tenne head office CEO
He believes that most people will live with their favorite bathroom space, because in the bathroom, people can let go of a lot of troubles and stress

Mr Stadlmann

The chief product and space designer of TENNE has 25 years of experience. The products he designed are deeply loved by the owners of high-end hotels and villas in Europe. At the same time, he is passionate and creative in design work.

Mr Sigibert Kozjak

The product designer of TENNE’s bathroom cabinet series has been engaged in it for more than 20 years, and his works have won European annual design awards many times.
Kitty Dong

Kitty Dong

Email: kitty@tenne.com.cn
Phone/WhatsApp: +86-13702756569

Nana Li

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Gena Yi

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Nola Ruan

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Hanna Huang

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Sunny Zhang

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